1. Why the name Wimp 2 Warrior?

Why the name Wimp 2 Warrior?

So many people ask me how I came up with the name Wimp 2 Warrior (W2W) and why I choose to use it. Some think it’s brilliant but some feel it could be seen as labeling someone in a negative manner, which might put people off doing the program, not wishing to be associated with being a ‘wimp’

The Warrior Training Program is the actual name of the 22-week MMA training program I created in 2012 and Wimp 2 Warrior is our company name but I refuse to shy away from the fact the Warrior Program is still very much about transitioning men and women from a wimp to a warrior.

What people don’t tend to understand is that the name has nothing to do with someone’s physical appearance but instead the way they see themselves and the way they live their life.


If you look up the definition of wimp and warrior you’ll see what I’m talking about.


  1. fail to do or complete something as a result of fear or lack of confidence.
    Anyone who wimped out because of the weather missed the experience of a lifetime”

This is exactly why the word wimp is so relevant to the program. W2W is a twenty-two week journey of self-discovery and ultimately we hope, empowerment through the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Let me explain a little more.

If 60 people sign up to a particular gym that’s running our program, around 40 will be willing to take that first step outside their comfort zone and walk through the door on day one. The rest will WIMP out. Remember the definition – Fail to do or complete something as a result of fear or lack of confidence.


From the 40 that start on day one, another 10% will decide the journey “isn’t for them” and will make an excuse within the first four to six weeks and drop out because it’s too hard. Again – Fail to do or complete something as a result of fear or lack of confidence. 

That’s the WIMP part out of the way.

The remaining people have made their decision that their “Why” is too important to quit and are now truly on their own W2W journey. The difference being now, the remaining group chooses to ignore the urge to stay in bed when their alarm goes off at 5am. They ignore the voice in their head telling them “it’s too hard or this isn’t for me.” They ignore the muscle aches and pains and the anxiety of which lays ahead and they push themselves harder, both physically and mentally than they ever thought possible. This is what the Warrior Training Program is truly about.

5 months later, the result of living outside their comfort zone and challenging themselves each and every day is they end up completely different people from when they started, better versions of their old selves. Then to celebrate their life changing achievement they get the chance to take part in a W2W Finale!

In front of hundreds of people including loved ones, friends, family and co-workers, with their favourite song playing and the cheers and screams from the crowd they make “the walk” to their very own Warrior graduation. Four steps is all it takes as they ascend into the cage to complete their transformational journey and compete as mixed martial artists. Twenty weeks and it finishes with just four steps, four steps which results in the most empowering few minutes of their lives and realization of what they are truly capable of is displayed for all to see as they fight without fear.



  1. A warrior is a human being who accepts the call and walks the long, arduous path of becoming one’s full potential”

I’m not saying the Warrior Training Program is the only place you can discover your inner warrior but it is one of the most empowering experiences you’ll ever have. I’m proud to say W2W has helped thousands of men and women around the world overcome a multitude of physical and mental health issues but more importantly their Wimp 2 Warrior journey has proved to them all what they are truly capable of in life and that I believe, is the greatest gift of all.



Coach Richie Cranny
Founder, President & International Head Coach
Wimp 2 Warrior Pty Ltd.