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One of our most inspirational success stories at W2W is the story of Mitchell Kaye, a Warrior from season 7 of the Warrior Training Program in Canberra, Australia.

In 2018, Mitchell dropped out of university to pursue his dream career in the fitness industry. Unfortunately, Mitchell’s career aspirations crashed and burned as his new career venture proved to be unsuccessful. Committed to finding his passion, Mitchell tried a range of career fields but was still unable to discover his passion. During the process of trying to find his passion, Mitchell’s mental state began to derail as his efforts provided little results. In the space of a year, Mitchell had gone from a fit and healthy university student to an unemployed college dropout with no sense of direction.

Completely burnt out from his pursuit of happiness, Mitchell gave up on his attempts to find his passion and labelled himself worthless. From this point, Mitchell embarked on a downward spiral as he was diagnosed with depression. During this time, Mitchell also began to neglect his physical health as he stopped exercising, developed unhealthy eating habits, and put on 50 kilograms (110 pounds) of weight in the space of 9 months. With Mitchell’s mental state at an all-time low, he took two attempts on his life. Thankfully, Mitchells attempts failed, and he lived to tell the tale.

After Mitchell’s second attempt on his life, he realised that he needed to kickstart a change in his life to get back on his feet. During his time as a personal trainer, Mitchell had heard about the Warrior Training Program. Impressed by the results the program had provided former clients of his, Mitchell decided to register his interest in the new series at Synergy Self Defence in Canberra. At the time, Mitchell was still overweight and unfit, which gave him concern about his ability to partake in such a rigorous exercise program. Still unsure if the program was feasible for him, Mitchell decided to attend the free intro class. After experiencing a welcoming atmosphere and an exhilarating workout at the Free Intro Class, Mitchell joined the program hoping he had found the turning point needed to get his life back on track.

Wimp 2 Warrior has transformed my life in ways I didn’t think were possible. After struggling with depression and weight issues for many years, the program provided me with the tools necessary to transform into the healthiest, fittest, and most confident version of myself.

Joining the Warrior Training Program weighing 125 kilograms, Mitchell set a personal goal to fight at the W2W Finale as a light heavyweight. To achieve the goal he had set for himself, Mitchell would have to lose 32 kilograms in 20 weeks. When the Warrior Training Program commenced, Mitchell hit the ground running as he made every session, stuck to a healthy diet and continued to exercise on his days off. By combining the Warrior Training Program with his relentless work-rate, Mitchell achieved his goal of losing 32 kilograms in just 13 weeks! Committed to continuing his fitness journey, Mitchell set a new goal of fighting as a Middleweight at the W2W Finale.

On the 6th of March 2021, Mitchell competed in the W2W Finale as a Middleweight. In just 20 weeks, Mitchell underwent a complete physical and mental transformation as he lost 41 kilograms, became fitter than ever before and gained confidence in himself and his abilities to succeed in life!

Mitchell’s story is just one of thousands of W2W success stories. We are committed to making a positive impact on each person that joins the Warrior Training Program, regardless of their weight, fitness level or background story. To become our next success story, click here to register for a FREE Intro Class!

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