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In the world of MMA, few gyms are well-known by millions of MMA fans, both hardcore and casual. However, several gyms are world-famous among fans, two of those gyms being Straight Blast Gym in Dublin and City Kickboxing in Auckland.

Both SBG and City Kickboxing are gyms with incredible reputations among the MMA industry. Over the past decade, both gyms have produced UFC champions and world-class facilities to match. Although these gyms are best known for their professional fighters, both gym’s welcome hundreds of first-time Martial Artists  onto their mats every year through the Warrior Training Program.

For any fan of MMA, training at either of these gym’s is an experience they would never forget. For John Egan however, this dream became a reality as he has begun his second Warrior Training Program at SBG HQ in Dublin, following the completion of the 20-week program at City Kickboxing in Auckland.

In 2020, John was living in Auckland, New Zealand, and decided to sign up for the Warrior Training Program at City Kickboxing. John had an unforgettable experience during his 20-week tenure at City Kickboxing, learning from Eugene Bareman and his coaching staff, and even spent a training session under the guidance of UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanowski!

After the successful completion of the Warrior Training Program in City Kickboxing, John’s time arrived to return to his home nation of Ireland. When John returned, Ireland was in the middle of a harsh lockdown, which had lasted for the best part of the last year. John found this lifestyle change difficult, going from living in New Zealand, a nation that has been relatively unaffected by the Coronavirus pandemic, to living in Ireland, which had endured the most lengthy lockdown period in Europe.

After having his freedom taken away, John’s mental and physical health declined. John began to gain weight through an unhealthy diet and felt he needed a release from the adverse effects the Irish lockdown was having on his mental health.

After a few months of lockdown and plenty of takeaway orders I decided enough was enough and I needed to get back on the mats. Not just for my physical health, but also for my mental health.

After a couple of months, lockdown began to ease, and John decided he had to take action. Knowing the physical and mental benefits he had experienced through partaking in the Warrior Training Program, John began to consider signing up to the 20-week course for the second time in SBG HQ.

Aside from the potential health benefits, John saw many other reasons to sign up for Season 7 of W2W at SBG HQ. Firstly, John was not completely satisfied with his performance at the City Kickboxing W2W Finale. Having studied his performance, he felt like there was plenty he could improve on if he had the opportunity to make the walk for a second time. Secondly, John also believed that the chance to have two training camps in two of the world’s top MMA gyms was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Season 7 of the Warrior Training Program at SBG HQ in Dublin is now underway, and John is one of 120 Warriors at the gym who have begun their W2W journey. Although the program is only in the sixth week, John is already experiencing many of the benefits the program provides.

I’m delighted that I am back training, my energy levels are high throughout the day, my outlook on life is more positive, my mind is at ease and I just feel great overall!

As John has completed the series once before, he is aware of the highs and lows he will face over the next couple of months. With the knowledge he has gained through his prior experience of the Warrior Training Program, John is ready to push himself past his limits and help his fellow Warriors find their inner champion!

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