W2W Finale

5 Tips for the W2W Finale!

After 20 weeks of hard Work, dedication, and early mornings, each Warrior has the option to put their skills to the test at the W2W Finale.

What is the W2W Finale?

The W2W Finale is an amateur MMA Fight Night like no other. At the Finale, Warrior Training Program participants will be joined by their friends, family, and loved ones to celebrate the end of a life-changing journey. Although the Finale is a day of excitement, thrill, and celebration, it can also present some anxieties for those competing at the event.

In this blog, we will give you our top 5 tips to ensure you perform to your full ability at the W2W Finale!

1. Make every training Session!

Although the Finale is an event that takes place at the end of the 20-week Warrior Training Program, the key to achieving peak performance at your fight starts on the first day of the course. The first thing you need to do to ensure you reach your full potential on fight night is to make every training session!

It is simple advice, but perhaps the best advice you will get in this blog. Although 20 weeks may seem like a long time, you only have 100 lessons to learn all you can to become the best version of yourself.

As you learn new techniques in every training session, a training session missed could result in you missing a striking or grappling technique that could be the difference between winning and losing your fight. Although it sounds like plenty, you only have 100 lessons to learn all you can before the W2W Finale.

To ensure you achieve peak performance, you must make every training session, regardless of the circumstances. If you are struggling with an injury and can’t train, it is vital that you still attend the session, observe, and take mental notes. You hold your destiny in your hands, and if you want to reach peak performance fight night, you must make every training session!

So, the next time you feel like staying in bed when your alarm sounds, remind yourself that with every training session you miss, you are forfeiting knowledge that could prove to be extremely valuable on fight night!

2. On Fight Week, Accept the Training is Done!

After 20 weeks of intense training, five days a week, it can be difficult to tone down the training on Fight Week, especially as the nerves surrounding the upcoming W2W Finale start to creep in. Unfortunately, when most people experience these nerves, they do something that can prove to be detrimental to their fight performance, panic training.

Panic Training is extremely common, both in professional and amateur MMA, and is solely down to a battle with your mind. As the Fight nears closer, you begin to question whether you have done enough, whether you could have given more during your training sessions, alongside worrying about whether your opponent is working while you are resting.

These thoughts are natural, and a part of Fight Week nervousness that everyone experiences in the days leading up to the W2W Finale. Although it can be difficult, you must listen to your coaches and accept the training is done at this point. To enable your ability to reach peak performance on Fight Night, you must only partake in active rest during Fight Week.

If you can defeat your negative thoughts and take it easy in the days leading up to your Fight, you will reach your optimum level of speed, power, and agility when you step into the cage at the W2W Finale!

3. Don’t think, act!

In the days leading up to Fight Night, you may start to have thoughts creep in about your fight, and the different possibilities of how it could play out. These thoughts initially may be innocent, but over time, they could lead to panic, fear, and anxiety.

When you begin to experience these thoughts, you likely have pent-up energy that are fueling these thoughts. Rather than let your energy fuel your anxieties, use it to fuel your W2W Finale preparation!

If you get thoughts about a specific scenario in the days leading up to the fight, you should spend some time mimicking moves and techniques you could use should this scenario occur in your fight. Whether it be defending a takedown or landing a killer combination, practicing your techniques will keep your muscle memory fresh in the lead up to Fight Night. Although we recommend you practice your moves In the days leading up to your fight, we must make it clear that you should practice these in a cautious manner that will not drain your gas tank or risk injury.

If you stick to low-tempo exercises such as shadow boxing and light rolling, you will keep your mind and body fresh, free of negative thoughts, and ready to give it your all come Fight Night!

4: Accept the Nerves!

Even though the W2W Finale is something that you and your fellow Warriors will have been looking forward to for some time, when fight day comes around, we guarantee that each one of you will experience nerves at some point during the day.

Although nerves can be difficult to deal with, you must accept that it is natural. If you think about it, you are about to make the walk in front of your friends and family, get into a cage that you will be locked in with a fellow Warrior who is going to do all they can to beat you, how could you not get nervous?

Nerves are a part of Mixed Martial Arts competition for everyone, whether you are a first-time amateur fighter or a world champion. By accepting that you will feel nerves come fight night, you will be more prepared to deal with them, which will stop them from affecting your performance. As we say in MMA, you must get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

5: Have fun!

As the Finale is the Ultimate Challenge during the program, many Warriors view the fight of their result as an indicator of whether they succeeded or were defeated by the Warrior Training Program. However, in reality, the result of your fight is meaningless in comparison to how far you have come in 20 weeks, mentally, physically, and emotionally!

The W2W Finale is a night of fights, but it is also the last time all the Warriors in your season will officially be together. Over the past 20 weeks, you and each person in the Warrior Training Program have been on a journey that very few people in the world experience. From Monday-Friday for six months, you all got up while the world slept, showed up to training, and helped each other become the best versions of yourselves!

On the night of the W2W Finale, you must stay focused on the task ahead of you until it is time to fight to achieve peak performance. However, once the fight is over, make sure you spend the evening celebrating with your fellow Warriors, regardless of the result! Most of our Warriors only do the program once, so make it a night you will never forget!