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Where Fighters and Fans become Friends!

The Warrior Training Program is the world’s leading MMA training course for beginners. By joining W2W, you will finally be able to experience what it’s like to live the life of a fighter. For 20 weeks, you will train for five days a week under the world’s top coaches, while following a strict nutrition program designed by George Lockhart.

During your training sessions, you will undergo a rigorous strength and conditioning routine and learn skills in a variety of Martial Arts disciplines including Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! A couple of months before having your own MMA fight, you will be matched up against a fellow competitor and your coaches will help you draft a game plan with your coaches to give you the best chance of victory!

If you’re interested in the experience of MMA, transforming yourself, and facing the ultimate test, W2W is for you! – Eugene Bareman

By joining the Warrior Training Program and training MMA for 20 weeks, you will not only become fit, healthy and mentally strong, you will also become more informed, knowledgeable, and capable of commenting on the sport of MMA.

By training daily and making the walk, you will have an improved understanding of the sport and will see things during fights that you didn’t know had a purpose previously. Above all, you will experience the emotional rollercoaster of an MMA Fight Camp and will understand the level of skill needed to become a professional fighter. In turn, this will give you a newfound respect for all professional fighters, giving you a completely new outlook on the sport of MMA.

While taking part in the Warrior Training Program, you can expect to be training under the guidance of some of the worlds best coaches, who with the assistance of some of their pro fighters, will give you the skills and mental strength to make the walk and have your very own MMA fight!

Our program is designed to give MMA fans an authentic experience, which is why we only run the program in the world’s top MMA gyms. If you would like the opportunity to spend 20 weeks training in a gym such as American Top Team, American Kickboxing Academy, Tristar, City Kickboxing or SBG Dublin, and meeting some of MMA’s most famous figures along the way, you have come to the right place!

The Wimp 2 Warrior Program is one of the most exciting things I’ve done in MMA in a long time – John Kavanagh

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Fitness Challenge WHY W2W Be Challenged
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A Must for all fans WHY W2W MMA fans

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