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Looking to take your fitness to the next level?

The World’s leading MMA program designed to

Build your confidence, self-belief and mental resilience

Challenge you mentally & physically


Turn you into a skilled martial artist


Make you the fittest you’ve ever been


Shane Monahan’s challenge

From Rugby boots to Mma Gloves

Face the Ultimate challenge

Are you someone who loves to stay active, has a relentless urge to achieve and is constantly looking for a new challenge. ? If you can relate to any of those traits, you are exactly the type of person we want to join the W2W Family!

Wimp 2 Warrior is for anyone who genuinely wants to push themselves and make huge physical and mental changes in their lifestyle

W2W is the home of the Warrior Training Program, an intense 20 week challenge designed by the world’s top MMA and Fitness coaches. Our Warrior Training Program is designed to bring out the best in each of our participants by challenging them mentally and physically in every way possible.

By constantly challenging our Warriors and pushing them to their limits, We have been able to change the lives of thousands of men and women. If you take part in the Warrior Training Program, you will learn how to crush your physical and mental limitations, and in turn, conquer anything you put your mind to, regardless of your age, weight, or fitness level.

What makes the Warrior Training Program Unique?

One of the many things that sets W2W aside from other challenge programs is the fact that you will not only be challenged on the day of the event, but you will also be challenged by our coaches for 20 weeks before you get the opportunity to participate in the event.

During these 20 weeks, you will be challenged in more ways than you could imagine! By having our training sessions take place early in the morning, your motivation will be challenged before you even get out of bed! If you overcome this challenge and make it to the gym, you will spend 90 minutes under the watchful eyes of our coaches, who will challenge you to improve your fitness levels, your athletic ability and your Martial Arts technique during every minute of the training sessions.

By training under the guidance of our coaches five days a week, you will not have the opportunity to make excuses. If you miss sessions or do not give 100% every day, our coaches will hold you accountable for this. By participating in the Warrior Training Program, you will be challenged in 100 training sessions before you reach the ultimate challenge of the W2W Finale!

If you’re ready to test yourself against the ultimate bucket list challenge, visit the ‘book intro class’ link above and join the Warrior Training Program today!

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