1. Here Is What You Can Expect From The Wimp 2 Warrior Tryouts

Here Is What You Can Expect From The Wimp 2 Warrior Tryouts

Quite often, people are scared about coming to W2W Tryouts.

In fact, if you were to ask, most people would say they are at least nervous!

Are you perhaps a little nervous to book in for the upcoming Tryouts and give it a go?

If that sounds like you and you find yourself making excuses like “It’s too hard for me” or “I won’t be able to keep up with everyone else”, here are some reasons why you should NOT be worried alongside some recent pics from W2W Tryouts in Sydney and Montreal:

Pre-Workout Pic!

Tryouts will bring you together with other beginners with no experience, many of whom would say their current fitness levels are terrible! But of course, it’s not about your current fitness levels, it’s about seeing whether you are coachable.

wimp-2-warrior-tryoutsDuring Tryouts

Coaches might take you through some simple moves and drills, these are especially fun if you have never done them before!
You will be asked to demonstrate some basic movements such as a squat and lunge, it’s not a competition. If anything, everyone works together as a team. If you have any niggling pre-existing injuries we can work around them or sit you out for anything that may aggravate it.

After Tryouts

After the Tryouts, Coach will give you a rundown on what to expect next, some tips for post-workout care and a friendly photo! Coaches make an effort to pair and introduce other participants to each other so you’ll likely walk away with a few new friends already!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about Wimp 2 Warrior and common queries.