1. Warrior Michael Burgio’s incredible transformation

Warrior Michael Burgio’s incredible transformation

Real estate agent Michael Burgio has completed several Warrior Training Programs on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This story about Michael’s experience was written by journalist Julie Cross and appeared in the Manly Daily on 17 October 2020. Read the original story here.

Michael Burgio’s Wimp 2 Warrior weight loss story

Northern Beaches real estate agent Michael Burgio went from a 135kg wimp to a 77kg warrior in just 20 weeks. Find out how. 

Michael Burgio says he was always the chubby kid who loved his nonna’s cooking.

But once he started work – he’s a real estate agent for Novak in Dee Why and was then working up to 90 hours a week – the weight piled on.

Then he broke his neck playing rug

by and his weight problem got worse.

So, he signed up for the Wimp 2 Warrior program, designed to not only get you fit but fighting fit.

“I’d never thrown a punch in my life,” Mr Burgio, 28, of Belrose, said.

“I was never a fighter. I was genuinely a wimp.

“My mother begged me not to do it.”

However, he felt the strict discipline of the mixed martial arts training program was just what he needed and he wanted to learn something new.

The training ran from 5am to 7am every day – and it was tough.

At the end of the 20-week program Mr Burgio was down to 77 kgs – a massive drop of 58kgs.

He also felt more confident.

The final challenge was to get in the fighting cage in front of 4000 people at Luna Park.

“It was electrifying,” he said.

“About 40 of my mates were there and my mum who was very stressed.

“I almost dropped him in the first few seconds.

“I should have finished him off, but I didn’t.

“In the end it went to three rounds.

“My friends were so happy I didn’t get knocked down straight away.

“It was an epic fight and being a male, growing up watching Rocky, it was good to know I didn’t

have a glass jaw.”

It was a split decision with the judges, but in the end it went to his competitor.

That was five years ago.

Following, two more neck operations the weight crept back up to 98kgs.

So, Mr Burgio went back on the program last year and took the nutritional advice more seriously. He got down to 72kgs and 12 per cent fat.

He’s now

hovering around 85kgs and is considering doing the program again.

“The friends I made through the program will be friends for life,” he said.

Brookvale gym owner and head trainer, Mick McSevney, 40, from Allambie Heights, said he has found the latest recruits are eager to drop the extra kilos of ‘work from home’ weight they have gained since COVID.

“Alongside the weight, more often than not, we hear our new starters say they’re just ‘stuck in a rut’ and looking for something to bring them out of this,” he said.

“The Wimp 2 Warrior program is a completely life-changing experience.

“The confidence we see in our participants as the program proceeds is one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

“It’s the mental toughness our participants build from showing up each day and doing the hard work that gives the discipline and confidence to tackle life’s curveballs.”


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