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We can’t wait for you to experience an MMA workout and see why thousands of people have transformed their life through Wimp 2 Warrior.

What to Expect

Hear what Head Coach Brian has to say about Tryouts for the upcoming Wimp 2 Warrior series at Killer B in Oakhurst. A confirmation email has also been sent with your booked date and time, plus extra information you’ll need on the day. See you there!

See why others signed up for Wimp 2 Warrior


Mel, 26, Retail Manager

My why: To reclaim my life from depression after years of feeling I was losing.


Roland, 52, Entrepreneur

My why: Be an example to my 6-yr old daughter that you can make your dreams come true.


Jessie Skillen, 29, Nurse

My why: To prove I can do anything if I put my mind to it & not run away when things get hard.


Dan, 29, Trainer

My why: To challenge myself mentally, physically & be a better person.

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