Terms and Conditions Summary

Wimp 2 Warrior Summary Terms and Conditions


You should read the full terms and conditions, but here is a quick summary of some important points to help you understand what Wimp 2 Warrior is about – the full terms and conditions still apply though.

Wimp 2 Warrior is about showcasing all that MMA has to offer to individuals, no matter your fitness level or background in life. We are looking for people who have little to no combat experience, people who wish to educate themselves in diet and fitness, and challenge themselves mentally and physically in order to change their lives. As such you must not have had any prior amateur or professional combat competition experience. This includes any of the striking arts eg. boxing, kickboxing and muay thai. We would also expect you not to have any colour in your belt for jiu jitsu. This does not include white collar boxing events or any amateur white belt jiu jitsu competitions.


After tryouts the coaches will decide who is accepted to take part in the Wimp 2 Warrior training program. This decision will be based on your completed application, previous experience and your ability to take direction and not give up. Your current fitness level is not a deciding factor, what we are looking for is heart. Your ability to dig in and finish what you started.


If you are successful at tryouts and want to take part in the Wimp 2 Warrior training program, there will be fees involved.  Once you decide to take part and pay your fees, there are limited circumstances in which a refund is offered for change of mind purposes.  Your program fees cover the full 20 week training program with high level coaching, access to the training facility for the duration of your sessions, nutritional advice during your program, full kit of MMA equipment which includes rash guard, shorts, shin guards, gloves and hand wraps,  plus access to our personalised online training community. You will need to factor in additional costs yourself such as a mouth guard, medical clearance prior to your fight and registration with your local combat authority.


The most important part of the Wimp 2 Warrior program is the 20 week program itself. Of course, the final goal is to step in to the cage to have an amateur MMA bout with somebody matched to you for ability and weight, however there are certain circumstances which may hinder your ability to step in to the cage at the finale. Firstly, you must be medically cleared to compete in accordance with your local combat authority. The details of these regulations will be advised by your coaches in the lead up to your fight. If you do not pass your medical examination, you will not be cleared to fight. Although it is rare, there is also a possibility that there will be no suitable match for you. W2W will work closely with your coaches to search for a suitable match for you but in every program there is a small possibility that we are unable to find a match for one reason or another. We cannot accept miss-matches in the finale.  With that said, our goal is to have 100% of the people who start the W2W process step in the cage after 20 weeks and we will do our utmost to make this happen.