1. SBG Montana Vlog Episode 2: One Step at a Time

SBG Montana Vlog Episode 2: One Step at a Time

“Good analogy for life, you find yourself in a shit spot, it’s head up, eyes forward. Our eyes are in the front of our face cause we’re MEANT to go forward” – Coach Travis

Episode 2 of SBG Montanas Vlog, shows us more of what Head Coaches Travis and Kisa get up to on a typical day. We learn insights on the synergy between the different disciplines offered at SBG Montana.

The team at SBG pride themselves on being able to offer something for everyone, no matter your skill level or experience, you can enter this gym with confidence that there will be something for you to do and someone (or everyone) to support you.

Thank you SBG Montana for continuing to share your story!

SBG Montana is currently running their first series of the Warrior Training Program and are about half way through their training. In a few months these every day men and women will step into the cage to show their incredible transformations, of their bodies and their minds.

If you are interested in learning more about The Warrior Training Program you can request more information here.

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