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Program schedule

Weeks 1-6

Foundations and movement

This first phase focuses on movement and the foundations of MMA as well as rapidly improving the participants conditioning. From a technical perspective, it’s foundations all the way. The foundations of movement, striking, clinch/wrestling and ground.

Phase 1



Clinch work


grappling transitions


Weeks 7-13

Technique in Movement

With your new and improved fitness and functional strength your coaches will begin to introduce light contact drills in striking, ground work and wrestling as you continue to build on the MMA foundations you have learned in phase one.

Phase 2

Advanced Grappling Transitions

Submission Fundamentals

striking in movement


Advanced Takedowns


Weeks 14-20

Pressure and Preparation

Now you have a solid foundation in all elements of MMA, training will be adjusted to help you prepare for the W2W Finale. To ensure you are prepared to make the walk and perform under the bright lights and live audience in front of family and friends, your training sessions will consist of live MMA sparring, live drills and recovery work.

Phase 3

Live Grappling Drills

Live Striking Drills



Clinch Drills



The Finale

After 20 weeks of training, participants are given the opportunity to compete against a fellow Warrior in our MMA Fight Night known as the ‘W2W Finale’. The Finale is a one of a kind event where family, friends and coaches get together and celebrate the amazing mental and physical transformations undergone by our Warriors during 5 months of training. Whether or not you choose to compete, the W2W Finale will stay fresh in your memory for years to come!

fight night

Make Weight

Face Off

Showcase Your Skills

Celebrate With Friends And Family

Release your Inner Champion


Techniques and movement

Techniques and movement – Striking 01 Striking Techniques and movement – Grappling 02 Grappling Techniques and movement – Clinch Work 03 Clinch Work Techniques and movement – Submissions 04 Submissions

Disciplines – MMA Twenty-five years from its inception, MMA has evolved from a sport made up of disciplines, to become its own Martial Art. In a short space of time, MMA has gone from being relatively unknown to become one of the world’s fastest-growing sports, with millions of men and women around the world practising the sport on a weekly basis.

mixed martial arts DISCIPLINES 01.
Disciplines – The art of striking The main striking influences in modern MMA come from Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. This is because these particular combat arts utilise a more fluid system of striking which enables a better delivery of power and the ability to merge other modern arts within them.

The Art of Striking DISCIPLINES 02.
Disciplines – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Is a submission and grappling based combat sport that was created by the world-famous Gracie family in the 1920s. The aim of BJJ is to take down your opponent, gain a dominant position, and submit them by applying one of many choke hold/ joint lock techniques. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an essential ingredient to success for MMA fighters, regardless of their fighting style!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu DISCIPLINES 03.
Disciplines – Wrestling Is a grappling-based combat sport. In wrestling competitions, competitors aim to take down their opponent, obtain a dominant position and pin them. Although being one of the world’s oldest Martial Arts disciplines (over 15,000 years old!), wrestling is still highly effective today, particularly when high level wrestler’s make the switch to Mixed Martial Arts.

Wrestling DISCIPLINES 04.

Warrior Stories

Warrior Stories – Julia Schaefer Julia Schaefer Marketing Executive & Mother Warrior Stories – Sally heys Sally heys Competitive Dancer Warrior Stories – Geoff agnew Geoff agnew it business analyst Warrior Stories – Clay Watts Clay Watts military veteran Warrior Stories – Gillian Cox Gillian Cox business executive Warrior Stories – Nicola Byrne Nicola Byrne belfast S3 competitor

In case you missed anything


What happens if the schedule is interrupted due to COVID restrictions?


If a gym must temporarily close due to government restrictions, the schedule will pause until restrictions allow training to resume.

All countries and states are dealing with their own unique challenges and strategies to help overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. W2W are working on a customised solution with each gym and local government authorities to determine the safest and most timely approach for individual W2W Series to recommence. Head over to Instagram to see updates from the series that have been able to return to the mats.

If you are a current competitor, please keep an eye on your inbox and series Facebook group for updates from your coach and W2W. If you have any further questions, please contact us for an update.


What if I can’t make some training sessions?


From time to time during the course of a 20- week W2W training program it is inevitable that life demands will mean that some sessions will be missed. The most important thing to ensure during these occasions is that you communicate openly and transparently with your coaches so that they may set you some “ homework” in terms of making up for the odd session that you may miss.


How long are my training sessions?


The training program runs for 20 consecutive weeks of early morning training sessions of between 60-90 minutes Monday through to Friday.


do i have time for this?


There are 84,600 seconds in a day, it’s what you do with them that counts. People often think they don’t have time or are put off by the early starts. We’ve seen time and again in our testimonials that one of the biggest benefits is transforming to become a “morning person”. Also remember, this is an investment in YOU and what you walk away with after this amazing 20-week journey will empower the new and improved you and it will change the way you live your life for years to come. Do you have time for that?