The program builds resilience, confidence and fitness

What to expect

The Warrior Program will take you on an unforgettable journey, as you experience the life of a mixed martial artist. For 20 weeks, you’ll train under the guidance of some of the world’s best MMA coaches, in a friendly, safe, and supportive group training environment.
During the first 10 weeks, you’ll build strength and fitness while learning all the fundamentals of MMA. In the second phase, you’ll enter a fight camp that will get you physically and mentally ready as you add to your skill set and the coaches prepare you to make the walk and compete in your very own amateur MMA event, a W2W Finale!

Who is this for?

This ground breaking training program brings MMA to everyday men and women. It is designed for those with no prior experience in martial arts to give them a safe, supportive and friendly introduction to this thrilling sport and peerless fitness solution.
Whether your current fitness levels are zero, or you’re an experienced athlete, W2W will test you like never before and unleash your inner Warrior!
We’re proud to have Warriors around the world complete our programming in their 40’s, 50s and 60s! You must be 18+ and complete the requisite medical clearances to experience competing in our Finale event. As with all intensive fitness programs you are encouraged to chat with your doctor regarding any health conditions prior to commencing.

Get started

If your closest gym is mid-way through a program, fill out the pre-registration form and we’ll be in touch when the next series is ready to launch.

If applications are open, choose your preferred date to attend a free intro class. Here you’ll learn more about the Warrior Training Program, meet your coaches, check out the gym and undergo your first MMA workout experience! It’s your chance to ‘try before you buy’ and does not commit you to anything – just a free workout and in person Q&A.

Who’s it for – Seeking Change If you want to lose weight, get fit, or kickstart a change in your life, click on the button below to find out why the Warrior Training Program is the perfect fitness plan for you!

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Lifestyle Change why join? Seeking Change
Who’s it for – Fitness Challenge Are you someone who is competed in triathlons, ran marathons, and climbed mountains? Click below to discover why the Warrior Training Program is the ultimate challenge!

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Fitness Challenge why join? Be Challenged
Who’s it for – MMA FANS Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a fight camp, train at the world's best gyms or have your very own MMA fight? With the Warrior Training Program, you can do all of these things and much more!

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MMA Fans Why join? A must for all fans


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In case you missed anything


Can I join the Program if I don’t know anything about MMA?


Yes! Our program is designed to introduce novices to the sport of MMA.


Can women join the Warrior Training Program?


Of course! Anyone can join the Warrior Training Program once they are over 18.


What times do the training sessions take place at?


Times vary from gym to gym, but sessions usually take place between 5.30-7.30am – Monday to Friday.


Do I have to fight at the end of the program?


Participation in the W2W Finale is optional for all participants.

The Finale fight at the end is ultimately the graduation, it’s the point of true empowerment and a chance to really prove to yourself that with the right determination and motivation you really can do anything. With Competitor safety at the forefront of all of our programs if the coaches feel a Competitor is not ready either physically or mentally, they will not be put forward to compete in the finale. If you do not feel comfortable with the thought of taking part in the finale you will not be asked to do so.


Do I wear protective gear during training?


All program participants are provided with shin guards, gloves, hand wraps to wear during training when required.


I work early mornings, are there evening classes available?


Unfortunately, this program has been designed around early morning training. #WhilstYouWereSleeping


Can under 18s join the Warrior Training Program


Participants must be 18 years of age by the end of the 20-week program, so they have the option of taking part in Finale.