What’s included?

Make an investment

into yourself and transform your life! Our 20 week training camp is incredibly high value and includes:

100 personalised mixed martial arts training sessions

Including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling, Strength & Conditioning and more

Punching Bag

Premium Training Equipment

In the first few weeks you will receive your 16oz gloves and hand wraps followed soon after by your 8oz gloves and shin guards once sizing is complete.


Nutrition Ebook

To give you all the information you need to gain energy, increase strength, lose fat and achieve peak physical condition

2 items from the W2W Premium uniform range

To give you the professional fighter aesthetic for your training sessions and the W2W finale

Access to an exclusive support group

To give you 24/7 access to your coaches who will answer any queries on training, nutrition, and performance

What you'll get

What you’ll get – Uniform 01 Uniform What you’ll get – 8oz Gloves 02 8oz Gloves What you’ll get – 16oz Gloves 03 16oz Gloves What you’ll get – Shin pads 04 Shin pads What you’ll get – Handwraps 05 Handwraps What you’ll get – Nutrition Guide 06 Nutrition Guide

payment options


Option 1

Discounted upfront payment


Upfront payment


Registration fee

To secure your spot in the Program

Was $1,540


Discounted Cost

Will be debited during the first week of the program

Option 2

Payment plans


Payment plan


Registration fee

To secure your spot in the Program

$1,240 (max 15 week installments)


/ Week


/ Bi-Weekly


/ Month

Discover the The ultimate transformation
Ultimate Human Transformation

In case you missed anything


Whats included?


When you join a W2W series, you’re getting 100+ professional, structured training sessions over a 20 week period, with some of the best MMA coaches in the business.

You also receive all your protective gear including full W2W branded 16oz and 8oz gloves, 2 pieces of custom uniform (rash guard / crop top and tights / shorts), W2W branded shin guards and hand wraps, a nutritional e-book and ongoing support through a private forum with your coaches and classmates. The program ends with the ultimate bucket list experience, the W2W Finale, which is also included in the cost of the program.


What if i cannot afford the training fees?


We have had many people who decided to complete W2W even though doing so was stretching the absolute limits of what was financial possible for them. Ultimately those people decided they couldn’t put a price on their health and their mental and physical well being. A really helpful exercise many of them went through was to ask themselves some of the following questions;

How much do I spend each week on coffee, sandwiches, takeaway/takeout meals?

How much am I spending each week on alcohol?

Do I have a gym membership I’m not presently using?

How much money would I pay right now to be in the best mental and physical shape of my life?

All these questions help clarify for so many of our Warriors how much money they will save by adopting a new lifestyle and thus so many have told us at the end of the 5 months they actually had more money than before they paid for W2W.

When you consider the value of the equipment, the fight uniform and the nutrition resources and you divide the remaining cost of the program by 100 sessions, then the per session cost is actually equivalent to that of a boot camp or some other campaign based program. Considering you’re being trained by high level coaches and learning the skills you’ll need to fight in just 5 months then the value is pretty amazing!

We have kept W2W fees as low as practicable whilst not cutting corners on the level of service you will receive from us and your coaches throughout the full duration of the program, whilst still providing competition rated equipment, fight uniform and high quality nutritional guidance and resources.

Lastly, what we know without any doubt is that thousands of Warriors throughout the world have said that completing W2W is one of the best things they have ever done. So if you’re sincere about investing in yourself and creating the healthy habits, mental strength, self confidence and a lean body that represents the very best version of you then we have a flexible payment plan to help you achieve all of this over 5 months!


What is the w2w refund policy?


Our full refund and cancellation policy can be found on the TERMS & CONDITIONS PAGE

If you are a current competitor and would like to apply for a refund, please email us [email protected]