1. An incredible transformation: Michael Burgio’s W2W Journey

An incredible transformation: Michael Burgio’s W2W Journey

Michael Burgio is a Warrior from the Northern Beaches W2W Series at The Warrior Training Academy. In his own inspiring words, read about his ‘why’ for doing the Wimp 2 Warrior program and what he learned from it.

Michael’s inspirational journey comes from incredible pain and resilience.

Leading an active lifestyle, Michael had a passionate interest in playing rugby until he injured himself severely. After breaking his neck and consequently consistent nerve damage, Michael’s lifestyle changed from what was previously active to sedentary. Leading to increasingly unhealthier habits and weight gain until he decided to change his life back around.

He explains, “I did Wimp 2 Warrior to prove to myself that I will not let my injuries define my future or hold me back”.

And he definitely proved himself, pushing himself to his limits until he finished the W2W series with the belief that “pain is only a mindset”.

Michael’s belief in himself and his levels of confidence have soared, inspiring not just himself, but the entire Wimp 2 Warrior family with his resilience, strength and incredible new bod!


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