Some of the biggest and most successful gyms on
the planet run the W2W program

Changing The Face

Wimp 2 Warrior transforms beginners with “little to no” athletic background, into proficient MMA fighters. In 22 weeks. While conquering their limitations and giving them unprecedented confidence and discipline.
If you’re looking for a real challenge that will push your life 10x further. This is your chance.
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Are You A Gym Owner?

Coach John Kavanagh & Richie Cranny discuss what it takes to HOST a W2W program at YOUR MMA gym. The short & long term benefits, and the social impact of hosting W2W.

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What's W2W Really Like?

If you joined a W2W program near you, what would it be like? Take a look! Hundreds of participants have been where you are right now. All over the world. Learn more about Wimp 2 Warrior here:

About W2W

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What kind of people do WIMP 2 WARRIOR?

MMA / UFC Junkies? Nope. Fitness freaks? Wrong again. W2W is a 22 week program designed for everyday people who are complete beginners. Watch the video above to see the type of people who do W2W. The stories and life-changing transformations are truly inspirational. If you can do this in 2018, there's nothing on earth you can't do.