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Program schedule

Weeks 1-6
Weeks 7-13
Weeks 14-20
The Finale

Weeks 1-6

Foundations and movement

This first phase focuses on movement and the foundations of MMA as well as the participants conditioning. From a technical perspective, it’s foundation all the way. Foundation of movement, striking, clinch/wrestling and ground.



Phase 1



Clinch work


grappling transitions


Weeks 7-13

Technique in Movement

Now that you’ve developed killer cardio, our focus will switch to building your MMA skills and techniques. During this phase, you will be introduced to a range of submissions, alongside advanced grappling and boxing techniques. Once you’ve become comfortable with these techniques, you’ll put your skills to the test in light-contact sparring.

Phase 2

Advanced Grappling Transitions


Advanced Boxing Techniques


Advanced Takedowns


Weeks 14-20

Pressure and Preparation

Now you have become skilled in all areas of MMA, training will be adjusted to help you prepare for the W2W Finale. To ensure you can deal with the pressure of making the walk in front of your friends and family, your training sessions will consist of live MMA sparring, live drills, and recovery work.

Phase 3

Grappling Drills

Striking Drills



Clinch Drills


The Finale

MAke The Walk With W2W!

After 20 weeks of training, all participants are given the option of competing against a fellow Warrior in a MMA Fight Night known as the ‘W2W Finale’. The W2W Finale is a one-of-a-kind event where friends, family, and coaches get together to celebrate the amazing mental and physical transformations undergone by our Warriors in the past 5 months. Whether or not you choose to compete, the W2W Finale will stay fresh in your memory for years to come!


Make Weight

Face Off

Showcase Your Skills

Celebrate With Friends And Family

Release your Inner Champion


Meet your coach


Julien Williams

Head Coach Fusion X-Cel Performance

Julien Williams has been coaching Mixed Martial Arts and fitness classes for over 12 years. A former Track and Field runner, Julien switched his focus to Martial Arts after university, and has achieved numerous accolades during that time. Julien is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, and has coached world class MMA fighters such as Jacare Souza, Ben Saunders and Mike Perry.




Punching Bag

Challenge You Mentally & Physically


Turn You Into A Skilled Martial Artist


make you the fittest you’ve ever been


Don't Take Our Word For It

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Program information


W2W's response to COVID-19?


All countries and states are dealing with their own unique challenges and strategies to help overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. W2W are working on a customised solution with each gym and local government authorities to determine the safest and most timely approach for individual W2W Series to recommence.

If you are a current competitor, please keep an eye on your inbox and series Facebook group for updates from your coach and W2W. If you have any further questions, please contact us for an update.


Is the W2W program Safe?


The W2W 20 week training program has been designed with Competitor safety at the forefront. It’s created to strengthen your body and whilst there are lots of basic technical movements to learn, you will slowly progress to higher stages of training as you get stronger in order to minimise any injuries. We run a very strict rule set that is passed down internationally. Our Competitors compete in 8oz gloves which are bigger and more padded than what you see on TV. Our referees are heavily briefed to ensure all of our Competitors and kept very safe during Finale and of course under professional guidance and support from your experienced Coaches.


What is a free Intro Class?


A free Intro Class is exactly as it sounds – a chance for you to learn a few new mixed martial arts techniques and try a sample of the Warrior Training Program… for free! There is NO obligation to continue with the program after your intro class, and we can guarantee you’ll learn some fun and practical moves that will help in your everyday life.

When you show up to your Intro Class, you’ll step inside the gym you’ll be training at, meet the world-class coaches and hear a bit about their background. You’ll do a warm up, and then the fun begins! You’ll be taken through a training session where you’ll learn some simple self defence techniques, effective (and fun!) takedowns, and other mixed martial arts moves.
You’ll then get a chance to learn more about the Warrior Training Program, hear a few stories from past Warriors and ask all your burning questions.

You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of what to expect over the 20 week program, what the benefits are and most importantly, a gut feel on whether you’re ready to make the commitment. If you’re ready – we’re ready. And if you’re not? That’s ok too! You’ll have learned some practical new MMA techniques to apply in everyday life and know that the program is available if you change your mind in the future.


Who does the W2W training program?


All fitness levels are welcome, and no prior MMA experience is needed to begin the W2W 20 week training program.
It is designed for men and women from all walks of life who want to get fit, learn new skills and step outside their comfort zone for a life-changing experience.
Everyone has a different reason for signing up for W2W. It’s this reason, or your ‘why’, that keeps you motivated to show up day after day, until you reach the end of this life-changing challenge and step inside the octagon.

To compete in the W2W Finale event you must be 18 years old, but there is no upper age limit. Our oldest competitor to date is 62 years old! All competitors are required to pass a medical examination before stepping inside the octagon.


Do many females do the W2W program?


Our goal is to have 50/50 participation of males and females in all our series around the globe. On average around 40% of competitors worldwide are female, with some series having well over 50% female participation.
Many women take on W2W not just for the physical challenge, but to be a great role model to their family, to face their fears and to feel empowered.


How do I know I can do this?


Fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, sometimes even fear of success, these are common and normal emotions. Every gym that hosts a W2W series is thoroughly checked and prepared to ensure they offer a supportive and welcoming environment. This is central to our ethos. When you join W2W, you join a family that is here to help, support and guide you along the way. Once you take on this challenge, you’ll always be part of the W2W family.


What if my work schedule interferes with my training?


From time to time during the course of a 5 month W2W training program it is inevitable that life demands will mean that some sessions will be missed. The most important thing to ensure during these occasions is that you communicate openly and transparently with your coaches so that they may set you some “homework” in terms of making up for the odd session that you may miss. It’s inescapable however that each competitor must be personally accountable for their own attendance and commitment to training.
Completing this journey is hard. That’s the point. It’s hard because you’re doing something extraordinary to prepare for something truly extraordinary, your first MMA bout! So the only way you will reap the full benefits of the program and reach your full potential is by staying accountable and maximising your attendance. In our experience many work colleagues and bosses will be very supportive of you taking such a bold challenge and will be there on finale night to cheer you on in your fight! So communicate openly and clearly with coaches and employers alike and it will all work out well!


What is the Finale?


After 20 weeks of intense training, our participants have the option to be matched up against a fellow Warrior and have their very own MMA fight in front of their friends and family at the W2W Finale.
Regardless if you are a spectator, a coach or a fighter, the W2W finale is a night you’ll never forget. With high-quality production, a world-class octagon and fighters sporting professional MMA fight gear, it can be easy to forget that each fighter making the walk was an MMA novice only 20 weeks ago. After committing themselves to a rigorous schedule where they pushed themselves past their limits, faced their fears and experienced phenomenal transformations, the W2W finale is the perfect way to mark the end of a once-in-a-lifetime journey for our Warriors.
As it will be the only time many of our Warriors partake in an MMA Fight Night, we are committed to giving them and their supporters that attend the event a night that they will never forget. If you would like to experience an amazing celebration of transformation, success, and mental fortitude, visit a W2W Finale!


Do I have to compete in the Finale?


Participation in the W2W Finale is optional for all participants.
The Finale at the end is ultimately the graduation, it’s the point of true empowerment and a chance to really prove to yourself that with the right determination and motivation you really can do anything.
With Competitor safety at the forefront of all of our programs if the coaches feel a Competitor is not ready either physically or mentally, they will not be put forward to compete in the finale. If you do not feel comfortable with the thought of taking part in the finale you will not be asked to do so.


Will the Warrior Training Program help me lose weight?


When you join the Warrior Training Program, you will receive a nutritional guidelines eBook that will provide you with meal plans to help you reach your physical goals.


How will the Warrior Training Program make me fit?


Alongside training in a range of Martial Arts disciplines, when you join the Warrior Training Program you will undergo 20 weeks of strength and conditioning classes specifically designed to get you fighting fit!