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Since 2012

The Warrior Training Program has grown operations from a single gym to a global brand, operating in 8 countries. During this time, we have worked tirelessly to grow MMA from the grassroots level by increasing interest and the number of men and women actively partaking in the sport.

How it works

W2W employs experienced coaches to deliver our 20 week program of mixed martial arts, attracting new customers to your gym and providing a life-changing experience, culminating in a “bucket list” finale, where competitors step into the cage against one of their peers.

You provide the gym, and we take care of

  • Marketing, tapping into our global social media and PR channels to announce the new series and drive registrations
  • Managing applications end-to-end
  • Supplying training equipment
  • Providing nutritional guidance
  • Managing payments

The Benefits

The Warrior Training Program provides your gym with a new, lucrative revenue stream, and gives you access to a new demographic of customers!

Increased Capital

The Warrior Training Program provides your gym with a new, lucrative revenue stream, alongside giving you access to a new demographic of customers

Online Advertisement

Paid and Organic advertisement of your gym to a large consumer pool

Credit Card

New Members

Many Warriors tend to continue to train Martial Arts after the program, giving your gym more members

Unlimited Support

Support from W2W employees in the running of the program and the W2W Finale

Discover how W2W
can benefit your gym

Why License With W2W?

We only work with world-class MMA gyms, employing experienced coaches, who are eager to deliver a premium program like the Warrior Training Program whilst simultaneously growing their gym’s member base.

new and untapped networks

The Warrior Training Program attracts a new demographic of consumers to your gym.

This demographic consists of men and women who may feel too intimidated or lack the confidence to train with already established gym members and fighters. This new consumer pool will contribute to increasing the revenue of your gym and will assist in boosting your brands exposure through word of mouth and inviting friends and family members to the W2W finale.

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The Warrior Training Program operates in many of the best MMA gyms on the planet.

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In case you missed anything


W2W’s response to COVID-19


All countries and states are dealing with their own unique challenges and strategies to help overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. W2W are working on a customised solution with each gym and local government authorities to determine the safest and most timely approach for individual W2W Series to recommence. Head over to Instagram to see updates from series that have been able to return to the mats.

If you are a current competitor, please keep an eye on your inbox and series Facebook group for updates from your coach and W2W. If you have any further questions, please contact us for an update.

If you’d like to hear the latest updates on the status of our programs, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or pre-register your interest in an upcoming series.


Is there training included on how to run the program?


The Head Coach receives the Warrior Training manual, a comprehensive guide covering all twenty weeks of the program, broken down into three progressive phases. This ensures that participants are both physically and mentally ready for their finale at the end and they get the same quality experience thousands of other men and women receive in our other locations around the world.
There are also video calls with the gym and W2W’s regional Head Coaches to talk through the program both in the lead up and during the 20 weeks, offering guidance and support if needed as it’s in our best interests to support our licensed gyms and their coaches, so as to protect our reputation as the worlds must successful MMA program and ensure everyone receives the premium experience expected from our program.


What qualification do I need to run the program?


All Coaches must be accredited. MMA Coaches- Level 1 Coach or above through the world governing body of Mixed Martial Arts – IMMAF. Strength and Conditioning Coach, through their national body. If an MMA coach isn’t accredited W2W can arrange for them to take the course before the program commences.


What facilities does my gym need to be eligible?


The host gym must have a minimum of 150m2 of MMA mat space including either cage panels or padded wall. The gym must have the ability to run strength and conditioning classes as part of the program, an area where kettlebells, battle ropes and other functional equipment can be used in fairly large groups. The gym must enforce daily cleaning and hygiene protocols, including the enforcement of their local government COVID management plans. Because of the early morning training and participants wishing to shower and go straight to work post, member showers are highly recommended.


Can we run the program during the evening?


The program is designed around early morning training as this is the only time of day that most people can commit to such an extended training schedule, a time that also avoids life’s distractions and commitments as normally they would be still asleep. Also, most gyms don’t have the capacity to add extra classes to their timetable in the evenings and most Coaches are already committed elsewhere.


Do we have to organize the Finale or does W2W take care of this?


W2W manage the first finale event for a new gym and then work with them to eventually be able to run their own finale or have W2W work with a third party with oversight.


How many times a year can I run the program?


Most gyms run the maximum, which is two series a year.


Can under 18s join the program?


A participant must turn 18 years of age before the end of the program to eligible to compete at Finale.


How does W2W help aquire new members for the program?


W2W has a highly trained team which manages the end-to-end marketing and advertising for all W2W programs globally.


Who can I speak to from W2W if I have further questions?


If you require more information, you can contact W2W Founder and International Head Coach- Richie Cranny here