1. Dealing with Setbacks or Injuries

Dealing with Setbacks or Injuries

Wimp 2 Warrior Head Coach at Freshwater & Chippendale Sydney, talks about what to do when you’re confronted with setbacks or injuries.

Often in mixed martial arts training you will encounter injuries, and it is extremely important to understand what and how you are going to continue your training if you get injured and how you will overcome your injury and become stronger.

Coach Mick, talks about how physical injuries and setbacks can carry over into our daily lives, and how we deal with various challenges in the different aspects of our life. Coach explains that it’s not necessarily about the issue/injury itself, but rather it is how you get over it and how you overcome the ‘injury’.

This mental discipline of modifying your exercises, or taking a different path to the same end result is what will help you overcome these physical injuries and continue on your way to success! 


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