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Laura Sanko

I Am a Warrior - Laura Sanko

Laura Sanko joins W2W!

After recently joining the W2W Family as a Brand Ambassador, the highly respected reporter and former Professional MMA Fighter Laura Sanko has sat down with W2W North American Vice President Rich Chou for an exclusive interview to detail why she has decided to partner with Wimp2Warrior.

Laura’s love affair with Martial Arts began when she was a child. After seeing the world-famous blockbuster ‘The Karate Kid’ at a young age, Sanko took inspiration from fictional character Daniel LaRusso and began practising Karate. Having taken a lengthily break from training in her adolescent years, Laura returned to Martial Arts shortly after graduating from College. Following a short stint in New York, Sanko returned to Kansas City and began training in K2L Grindhouse, where she found herself training under MMA veterans such as Tim Eliott, Rob Kimmons, and James Krause. At first, Laura trained simply as a means of ‘escape’ from the personal issues she was dealing with at the time. But after impressing her coaches, Laura was convinced to begin competing in amateur MMA.

In 2010, Sanko embarked on her amateur MMA career, amassing an impressive 4-1 record before making the switch to Professional Mixed Martial Arts. Sanko signed with Invicta FC, which at the time was the World’s premier professional MMA organization for women. After a victory on her Invicta FC debut, Sanko fell pregnant and decided to retire to focus on being a mother. However, it wasn’t long before Laura returned to the world of Mixed Martial Arts, working as a sideline reporter for Invicta before making the transition to the PFL and MMA’s premier organization, the UFC, where she quickly became a household name.

Although Laura returned to Martial Arts post-college solely as a means of escape, the benefits Laura reaped from doing so were beyond her wildest dreams. Alongside creating a successful career, Laura was able to rediscover her identity, regain her confidence, and discover a meaningful purpose in her life.

Having experienced first-hand the benefits of Mixed Martial Arts training, Laura decided to partner with Wimp2Warrior to help everyday men and women profit from the same life-changing benefits she once did through participation in MMA!

During this Interview, Laura Sanko explains how her passion for Martial Arts began, how the story of a Warrior is similar to her story, and why Mixed Martial Arts has been a ‘saving grace’ throughout her life!

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