Coaches Corner

Become an early riser with W2W!

One of the main excuses we hear from potential competitors is that they’re ‘not a morning person’ or it’s ‘too hard’ to get up early.

There’s a reason that training sessions take place early in the morning #whilstyouweresleeping. For most people, it’s often the only time without any external distractions such as work and family commitments. This increases the chance of actually being able to make training 5 days a week, as you’re pretty much finished by the time others are just waking up!

So, how do you change from being a night owl to a rooster, ready to leap out of bed when the alarm goes off despite it still being dark? Well, we can’t promise you’ll be ‘leaping’ out of bed, but we asked our W2W coaches from around the world for a few tips on how they help their competitors to rise and shine.

Coach Liam Og-Griffin, W2W Cork – Ireland

  • Make sure to compensate by getting to bed earlier the night before.
  • Keep your alarm clock on the opposite side of the room so that you have to get out of the bed to shut it off.
  • Treat hitting the snooze button like tapping to your first submission of the day (or not tapping to it, which is more important).
  • Keep the same wake/sleep routine over the weekend so that you don’t have to relearn a habit every week.

The first few weeks are the most challenging. Before you know it, you’ll have created a habit and it will be part of your daily routine.

Coach Jesse Brock, W2W Idaho – USA

If you’re like me and hate to get up early, the pre-bedtime routine is super important. Pack your gear, grind your coffee, have your clothes laid out, etc. Create as much autopilot as you can so you can focus your energy on getting up and out the door. Have something motivating within eye-shot when you make up. I personally have a poster that says “Wake Up and Fight” next to my bed.

Coaches Craig and Bronnie Bath,  W2W Canberra – Australia

Just fall out of bed!!! Then you have to get up – it is by far the hardest part particularly on an icy cold morning but you will never regret it!

Also we NEVER hit snooze – JUST DO IT!!!

Coach Jon Leven, W2W Kirrawee – Australia

Set a few alarms a couple of minutes apart and place the alarm away from the bed so you have to get up to turn it off. Ensure that you get to sleep early enough so you can get a good rest and be ready for the day.

Coach Jeremy Rubin, W2W Montreal – Canada

You’ve gotta reset the biological clock!  Apply some jet lag techniques early on, like stay up for 24 plus hours as it will be easier to fall asleep at a new earlier bedtime. Then it must be about consistency and going to bed at that new bedtime!

Coach John Kavanagh, W2W Dublin – Ireland

John shared another technique (watch it here). It couldn’t be more simple!