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5 Gyms you can train at with W2W!

1: American Kickboxing Academy

American Kickboxing Academy is a world-famous MMA gym based in San Jose in California. In business since 1985, American Kickboxing Academy has produced some of the greatest fighters to ever grace the octagon. The gym is owned and ran by head coach Javier Mendez, one of MMA’s greatest coaches. AKA has been named as the MMA gym of the year on two occasions and maintains a constant reputation as one of the sport’s greatest institutions.

Since its existence, AKA has consistently produced elite fighters who have reached the pinnacle of the sport. AKA Fighters include former UFC Champions Cain Velasquez, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Luke Rockhold. American Kickboxing Academy has also produced many top tier contenders including Jon Fitch, Josh Thomson, Islam Mackachev, and Josh Coscheck.

Thanks to the Warrior Training Program, everyday men and women have the chance to train in the same gym as MMA legends such as Khabib Nurmagomedow and Daniel Cormier. To learn more about how you can train at AKA, click here!

2: City Kickboxing

City Kickboxing is a gym that has taken the MMA world by storm in the past couple of years. The gym, which is based in Auckland, New Zealand, is home to several UFC fighters, including current world champions Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanowski. City Kickboxing has won numerous awards during its rise, including ‘MMA Gym of the Year’ in 2019 and 2020.

The gym was founded by Olympian Boxer Doug Viney and current head coach, Eugene Bareman in 2007. In less than 15 years, Doug and Eugene have built the gym from humble beginnings to one of the Worlds best known MMA gyms.

Head coach Eugene Bareman is an advocate for everyone competing in Martial Arts at least once in their lives, which is why City Kickboxing proudly run the Warrior Training Program. If you are based in Auckland and want the opportunity to train in City Kickboxing, click here!

3: Tristar

Tristar is an MMA gym in Montreal, Quebec that has been running since 1991. Since its inception, Tristar has been a key role in producing some of North Americas best fighters, including one of the greatest fighters of all time, George St. Pierre.

In 2008, the gym was purchased by Firas Zahabi, one of MMA’s greatest minds. Today, Firas Zahabi and his team coach many of MMA’s top contenders, including Rory MacDonald, Kevin Lee, and Joanne Calderwood.

As one of the worlds top MMA gyms, very few MMA Novices and fans get the opportunity to train in Tristar. Through the Warrior Training Program, everyday men and women can now spend 20 weeks training in the world-famous Tristar gym! If you are based in Montreal and are ready to kickstart a change in your life, click here!

4: SBG Dublin

Straight Blast Gym Dublin is one of the world’s elite MMA gyms. Founded by Irelands first-ever black belt John Kavanagh, SBG Ireland has grown significantly since its inception in 2001, and now has 8 gyms on the island of Ireland.

SBG has produced several UFC fighters over the last decade, the most famous of which is the UFC’s first-ever simultaneous two-division World Champion, Conor Mcgregor. Aside from Conor, Coach Kavanagh and his team have produced elite fighters such as Gunnar Nelson, Artem Lobov, Brad Katona and Johnny Walker.

In 2019, SBG HQ changed locations in order to create the best MMA facility in Europe. Thanks to the Warrior Training Program, you can avail of these facilities and spend 20 weeks training under the same coaches as Johnny Walker and Conor McGregor. If you’re based in Dublin and are ready to face the ultimate challenge, click here!

5: Xtreme Couture

Xtreme Couture is an MMA gym based in the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada! As the name may suggest, the gym was founded by MMA pioneer and three-time UFC champion, Randy Couture. Since its inception in 2006, Xtreme Couture has quickly established itself as one of the best MMA gyms in the world.

Xtreme Couture has produced many champions in its short history, including Miesha Tate, Forest Griffin, Ryan Bader and current UFC Champions Aljimain Sterling and Francis Ngannou. In 2020, Xtreme Coach Eric Nicksick was awarded the MMA Coach of the Year award by MMA Junkie.

Those that are lucky enough to live in the Fight capital of the world now have the opportunity to train in the home of Randy Couture and Francis Ngannou through Wimp 2 Warriors 20-week Warrior Training Program. If you are based in Las Vegas and like the sound of training under some of the world’s best MMA coaches, click here!