5 Benefits of the Warrior Training Program!

The Warrior Training Program is a life-changing 20-week journey that provides participants with countless benefits. In this blog, we are going to cover 5 of the most common benefits our Warriors have experienced through completing the Warrior Training Program.

1. Cardio

Increased cardiorespiratory endurance is undoubtedly one of the most common benefits experienced by our Warriors.

In the Warrior Training Program, participants undergo a conditioning program made up of a mix of fun exercises that are proven to improve endurance. By the end of the 20 weeks, our participants achieve a newfound level of cardio that will give them the ability to run, cycle, or spar longer and harder than ever!

2. Self-defence

As the World’s leading MMA training program, the Warrior Training Program provides its participants with skills and techniques in all areas of striking and grappling.

Regardless of your gender, the Warrior Training Program will give you lifelong Martial Art skills that you can use to defend yourself, should you ever need to.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, one of the Martial Art disciplines we teach our Warriors, is particularly effective as a method of self-defence, as it teaches you how to effectively subdue an attacker, regardless of the size difference!

3. Improved Confidence

Although this betterment is mental rather than physical, it is one of the most important benefits that the Warrior Training Program instils in our Warriors.

Firstly, our Warriors gain confidence by achieving their peak physical condition, which is gained through 20 weeks of intense training. During these 20 weeks, our Warriors undergo a training routine that tests them and pushes them past their physical and emotional limitations. By doing this, we show our Warriors that limitations are solely a mental barrier, and if they are willing to break these limitations, they can conquer anything they put their mind to!

Lastly, by teaching our Warriors skills and techniques in MMA and accustoming them to live hand-to-hand combat, our Warriors gain confidence as they realize they can handle any situation that comes their way!

4. Strength

The Warrior Training Program has proven to be extremely effective in building the physical and mental strength of our participants. Physically, our Warriors undergo a strength program that is designed to help men and women of all ages bulletproof their body.

As many of our participants who join the Warrior Training Program have not participated in an exercise routine in some time, we put a high priority on ensuring strengthening the physiques of our Warriors to ensure they are both fit and strong for the training program and the W2W Finale!

Our Strength sessions incorporate a range of exercises designed to target all areas of your body. These sessions incorporate a mix of weight training, callisthenics, and Martial Arts movements!

5. Improved Cognitive Performance


In 2015, a study was conducted by the US Journal of Human Kinetics to investigate the effects of Martial Arts training on cognitive functioning.

In this study, scientists tested the impact of both Martial Arts Training and Cardiorespiratory endurance Training to discover which form of training was more beneficial in enhancing cognitive functioning. Both men and women took part in this study, undergoing a range of Cardio and Martial Arts exercise followed by a series of cognitive performance tests directly following the exercise.

Following the cognitive performance tests, scientists discovered that although both martial arts and cardiorespiratory endurance training improved attention and processing speed, only martial arts training improved the most important factor of cognitive performance, executive functioning. This area of cognitive performance controls vital components of your brain, such as problem-solving, planning, reasoning, and working memory!

With Martial Arts Training proven to provide such a wide range of physical and mental benefits, there is no wonder why the Warrior Training Program is known as the Ultimate Human Transformation!

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