1. WATCH: Richie Cranny on having a Warrior mindset during the COVID-19 pandemic

WATCH: Richie Cranny on having a Warrior mindset during the COVID-19 pandemic

In these unprecedented times living through the coronavirus pandemic, Wimp 2 Warrior Founder and International Head Coach, Richie Cranny, has a message to all past, present and future Warriors.

WATCH: How to have a Warrior mindset during the global COVID-19 pandemic 


Coach Richie Cranny here.

I wanted to talk to everyone that follows us – the people that have done our program, our Warriors through the years, the people that are currently on our program and have had to pause ’cause the gyms have closed around the world. There’s almost eight hundred of you guys, and then people that are following us and supporting us over the years. 

Please concentrate on what you can control and concentrate on the positive. Things are gonna get worse before they get better, but the whole world is dealing with this, ok? 

The most important thing is you look after your physical and your mental health. By doing that, surround yourself with positive things, try and stay away from the media as much as possible and just work on what you can control. 

Set yourself some goals that at the end of this program at, sorry at the end of this situation, that you will then reset and achieve. 

To current Warriors ‘on pause’

Those that are on pause – you know, you’re lucky. At the end of this situation when it dies down, you know that the mats are waiting for you. Coaches are waiting for you. Your friends that you’ve made on the series are waiting, and you can finish this program and reset your life.

To past Warriors

Those who have done the program before you’ve got this. You know you’ve got this you’ve dealt with adversity. You’ve done six months of hard training. You know you’re the one percenters so remind yourself of that. Don’t forget what you’ve achieved and what you’ve done in the past and make sure that you remind yourself every day. Get a picture of you in the cage, something that reminds you of your time on the program, and stick it on the bloody wall. So every day you can see that and go “I did this. I’ve got this.” 

To future Warriors

And then to everyone else that’s out there and supporting us. Stay positive. Set yourself some goals. Stay healthy. Look after your loved ones. We’re here and we’ll be here when this is all over and that’s it.