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FACT: You're capable of more than you think...
Wimp 2 Warrior... where beginners are inducted into a 22 week Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness training program

Conquering your mental and emotional limitations. Building the warrior spirit and physique.

At the end of the training program, the newly formed warriors will step into the cage and compete in front of all their friends and family at the W2W series Finale. 

Wimp 2 Warrior is an exciting platform to help bring MMA into the mainstream, demonstrating that anyone can take part and train in this amazing sport.
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What's It Like?
Global Team, Local Family
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You will begin the journey of a lifetime, transforming your confidence and physique into that of a warrior. 

Take a look at what this program has done for SO MANY OTHERS just like you. 
Wimp 2 Warrior is the brainchild of Richie Cranny. 

Richie knows only too well the years of training it takes to even contemplate fighting at amateur level, but wanted to challenge himself as a coach and transform someone with little or no experience into a true MMA warrior.

In early 2012 Richie offered the opportunity to train someone for 6 months free of charge and turn him or her into an MMA fighter. 

The response to this experiment was so big he decided to take it to another level.
"40 Individual journeys. Pushing themselves mentally and physically to do something they'd never dream of doing." 
-Richie Cranny
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