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Richie Cranny

Richie Cranny


Born in London in 1971 I have grown up watching, training and teaching people how to fight. I moved to Australia in 2003 and now have three amazing kids with my beautiful wife, living the dream.

I’ve held my 3rd Degree Black Belt PRO MAI for over twelve years. I’m a Chief Instructor and International Examiner of PRO MAI International, Qualified Certificate 4 Master Trainer and the MMA Editor for Men’s Fitness magazine here in Australia. With PRO MAI being a fully integrated MMA style for over fifteen years, I consider myself and my art as one of the pioneers of our sport in the UK.

My passion nowadays is purely coaching. In 2004 I sustained a serious back injury which prevented me from competing again, so I’ve since put my heart and all my energy into coaching and exposing people to the sport I love so much.

To pursue my dream of showing the world this amazing sport I started Wimp 2 Warrior in 2012. Series 1 became a massive global online success and I truly believe Wimp 2 Warrior will be the platform that not only turns MMA into a mainstream spectators sport but more importantly, a mainstream participants sport, turning once half empty MMA gyms into full and healthy businesses on a global scale.

Jens Pulver

Jens ``LIL EVIL`` Pulver


Pulver was the inaugural UFC Lightweight Champion in addition to serving as the head coach on the The Ultimate Fighter 5 reality show against long-time rival B.J. Penn. In mixed martial arts, Pulver competed at the Lightweight, Featherweight, Bantamweight and Flyweight divisions in addition to competing at the Middleweight, Light Middleweight, and Welterweight divisions as a professional boxer. While perhaps best known for competing in the UFC, Pulver has also competed in Pride Fighting Championships, for the PRIDE 2005 Lightweight Grand Prix. He is to-date the youngest UFC Lightweight Champion in the UFC history, eventually relinquishing his title, after two defenses, due to a contract dispute. Pulver is considered the founder of the UFC lightweight division.

Jens was a Guest Coach on Series 2 and returned as a full time Coach on Series 3 in Australia.

Mick McSevney

Mick McSevney


Mick has been training in martial arts since the age of 15 in various forms. Starting with kickboxing he was soon introduced to other styles while training in Scotland at a club affiliated through Marc McFann. Training was structured in fighting through closing ranges of combat including weapons training, trapping, standing grappling and ground fighting. Immediately he was captivated by much more than just punching and kicking and as the sport of MMA grew and found it’s feet, Mick was hooked.

After moving to Australia in 2009 he soon met Wimp 2 Warrior founder Richie Cranny and continued his training under the Pro Mai MMA association.

Mick is now a certified Level 1 Pro Mai MMA coach and is continuing to study under Richie Cranny.

Jessy Jess

Jessy Jess


I am a professional MMA fighter currently holding 3 Australian Bantamweight titles. I have a professional record of 5-2-1NC and have had a total of 12 fights including boxing and kickboxing.

I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt and have only lost 2 matches out of over 100.

I coach fighters and specialize in K1 with takedowns. Based in Sydney and contracted to Invicta FC in USA, I have fought throughout Australia, Las Vegas and Tokyo.

Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace


FMA Level One Strength Coach
AKBL Kettlebell Coach
Boxing Instructor
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Chris has been a personal trainer for the last 7 years. Using an old school approach to strength training mixed with new techniques to get the best result for his clients. Chris is the owner/ director of Method, providing strength training, corporate boot camps and at home personalised training.

Richy Walsh

Richy ``FILTHY RICH`` Walsh


James Garland

James Garland


As a Strength & Conditioning Coach, James has been helping athletes become stronger, faster, and more durable for close to a decade now.

Making his start working with athletes from a wide-variety of sports, it wasn’t until James began working at the Sydney-based MMA gym, Platinum Extreme, that he first was exposed to combat sports.

It was none other than Wimp 2 Warrior Head Coach, Richie Cranny, who sparked James’ passion for MMA when he insisted (read – strongly insisted) that James take a stack of his old UFC DVDs home to watch.

Having since worked with dozens of fighters, combined with his international working experience, as well as authoring articles for any number of publications (including the widely popular Breaking Muscle), James comes from an elite-level pedigree of performance coaches.

Alongside building strong and durable contestants on each series of Wimp 2 Warrior, James also helps the Training Grounds boxing team with their fighter preparation.

As an avid lover of both boxing and jiu jitsu, when James isn’t helping athletes improve their performance, he can be found getting choked, punched, or kicked by his coaches and fellow teammates.