Hosting A Wimp 2 Warrior Program Changes Lives, While Growing Your Gym!
Gyms around the world have used Wimp 2 Warrior to impact lives... as well as the size and profitability of their businesses.
10-Sec Overview: Crazy, Brilliant Or Both?
"Many lack the confidence to join MMA...  
W2W gets them to start training."
Wimp 2 Warrior! Where regular people are inducted into a 6 month MMA martial arts & fitness training camp. 

Conquering your mental and emotional limitations. Building the warrior spirit and physique. Culminating in a “bucket list” finale, where the competitors step into the cage against one of their peers to complete the most transformative part of the journey.  
We work with decorated MMA facilities who seek to deliver a premium program like W2W whilst simultaneously growing their gym’s member base. 

Importantly, Wimp 2 Warrior attracts a new demographic of people who would otherwise never walk into a fight gym. (These are folk who may feel too intimidated or simply lack confidence to train with already established members).

This new "pool of members" will increase a gyms revenue base and also enable the gym to connect to new and untapped networks in the community.
We know what a truly life changing event this is. Convertiing participants into lifelong fans of MMA and creating loyal members of your gym.

It's Relatively Simple To Start:
We Advertise It
& Manage The Registrations
You Host It
You Train and Facilitate
Change Lives
The Testimonials Don't Lie
What's It Like?
Global Team, Local Family
Program details, how it works:
Here's the 22 weeks in summary:

1) After our interview, you sign up as a gym owner.

2) We immediately announce your upcoming W2W program on social media.

We have considerable marketing content that we have filmed from our many series globally, we will immediately create information rich Facebook posts and ads dedicated to promoting your series and drive registrations. 

3) Registrations, tryouts and series commencement are then managed through the Wimp 2 Warrior website and our Head Office team. We also work with our gyms to ensure we can successfully tap into your own networks and databases.
4) You host tryoutsWe invite the applicants to attend the gym and try out for a spot on the series; from there you select the people that you feel would be the “best fit”.

4.5) W2W pays to promote the tryouts heavily through social media and all local press we can gain access to. 

5) Begin the Program - Phase 1 (Weeks 1-10) Monday – Friday  
We highly recommended early morning training sessions. This helps utilize otherwise “dead” mat time and best enables contestants to keep to their normal daily routine. When these elements are in place we have seen virtually no drop out rate.

(Recommended Program)
2 x strength and conditioning sessions instructed by your qualified strength coache(s). 
3 x MMA fundamentals sessions, teaching the foundations of all the MMA disciplines;

During the 22 weeks you are able to provide all contestants a strong understanding of the fundamentals of MMA, a core toolbox of skills. The anchoring philosophy of the coaching model is one of “less is more”.

6) Break (Week 11)Typically the contestants are provided with a well earned rest and recovery period in preparation for the commencement of fight camp. 
7) The Program - Phase 2 (Weeks 12-22)  Fight Camp 
During this phase, the teams will be announced. 

At this phase, the competitors are kitted out in their team uniforms including; fight shorts, rash guards and exclusive W2W branded training equipment which include 16oz gloves, 8oz MMA sparing gloves and shin guards. 
Contestants now start working on individual disciplines such as Striking, Wrestling and Grappling with live drills and sparring commencing.

8) Match-ups: Where both competitors are close to their target weight class. 

This process adds considerable anticipation and excitement to the start of each week as the contestants begin to wonder if ‘today is their day’ to be called to face off against their fellow W2W opponent. 

This is something we do throughout the training program, always keeping our contestants waiting with high anticipation.

9) Fight Night : must be professionally run and held in a facility that would house an audience typically upward of 1000 people. 

Our last five finales in Sydney have been close to or completely sold out events with over 1600 people in attendance on each occasion. 

The reason for this is that each contestant will typically have (on average) around 20-30 friends, family members and work colleges who wanted to come and see them fight in this true “bucket list” event. Accordingly this makes tickets sales a much easier process than a typical amateur event and in many cases some professional fight cards too! 

"40 Individual journeys. Pushing themselves mentally and physically to do something they'd never dream of doing." 
-Richie Cranny
What's Possible Financially?
($2,100 AUD) x
Per Participant. Price Varies
Up To 35 People
Participants Per Program
= $75,000 AUD
Excluding Income From Finale Event
Financial details, long-term R.O.I:
What W2W Requires from participants of W2W:

1) The Contestant Online Application Fee is 15 AUD. This is retained by W2W in order to cover admin fees and IT hosting expenses. 

2) Contestant Participation Fee (payable only once they have been selected post tryouts) is 2,100 AUD (or equivalent foreign currencies). 

This fee covers the 22 weeks of professional training and coaching as well as the W2W uniform and training kit plus use of your gym for the duration of the program.  
3)  The Finale is another great revenue opportunity depending on where you choose to host it (venue capacity). 

For many of the competitors actually stepping into the cage to fight after the culmination of months of training is truly a once in a lifetime "bucket list" experience. 

As such each competitor will have huge numbers of family, friends and colleagues who have watched their journey and will be eager to buy a ticket to support them on the night. By way of example we made over 50,000 AUD profit at our last finale here in Sydney.

What W2W Requires from gym owners:
1) The licence fee to start this process is just 5,500 AUD per gym. The W2W license is granted for a 12-month period and reassessed at the end of each term.

Should the license be renewed there will be a 3,600 AUD annual renewal fee. This fee also includes a set of coaches T-Shirts for the tryouts, a large banner for the training area and a dedicated 500 AUD budget for social media promotion for each gym’s series launch.

2) The gym (you) receives 65% of the total contestant fees. 
The 35% retained by W2W is deployed to deliver the following services to the contestants:

• A guest-training session with Coach John Kavanagh
• A framework teaching schdule for coaches to use as a model, or "template". 
• Project management & “assist the coaches” support of the entire program
• Online marketing and promotion, with emphasis on series launch and finale
• End to end management of the application process from initial expressions of interest, try out registrations, notification of successful application to commence and dedicated outbound sales support to maximize total participants.

Also, we will:
• Supply W2W training equipment to all contestants
• Supply W2W team uniforms to all contestants
• A 12 week online nutrition program that retails for 150 AUD
• Management and administration of all contestant payments
• Access to W2W’s personalized online training platform and community. This is the primary hub where coaches and gym owners will communicate with contestants and monitor/ manage their training, weight and other details leading to the Fight Night finale.

Example of financial case study:

• Thus our estimate of a 35 person series would yield net revenue to the gym of 84,000 AUD. An upper estimate could stretch as high as 91,000 AUD for a superbly executed series
• Lastly, the gym should hope to retain at least half but ideally all of those competitors as ongoing members of the gym . Recurring revenue. 

• A full 35 contestant series would yield gross revenue of 75,000 AUD
Employing 2 coaches per session for the entire series will cost between 22,000 AUD to 30,000 EUR depending on their training, experience and rate
Finale profits will depend on whether that is outsourced to W2W to run or resourced in house.
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