About W2W


Wimp 2 Warrior is the Ultimate Human Experiment! Where regular people are inducted into a 6 month professional MMA fight camp. At the end of the camp, the top newly formed fighters will step into the cage to fight on a W2W promotion.

Wimp 2 Warrior is an exciting platform to help bring MMA into the mainstream, demonstrating that anyone can take part and train in this amazing sport.


Richie CrannyWHAT WE DO

Wimp 2 Warrior is the brainchild of Richie Cranny. Richie knows only too well the years of training it takes to even contemplate fighting at amateur level, but wanted to challenge himself as a coach and transform someone with little or no experience into a true MMA warrior.

In early 2012 Richie offered the opportunity to train someone for 6 months free of charge and turn him or her into an MMA fighter. The response to this experiment was so big he decided to take it to another level.



The process is not about who wins or who loses. This isn’t Wimp 2 Winner, this is Wimp 2 Warrior and the Warrior status comes from 6 months of training – pretty hellish training at times – working through injuries and schedules and then stepping into the cage. Once you step into the cage, as far as Richie’s concerned, you become a Warrior win or lose.